Entrepreneurial Mindset Elements to Level Up Your Brand Building in 2023

The internet was created and has reduced the world into a global village, making the entrepreneurship cruise ship inclusive and visionary. So, it's up to you as a creator, solopreneur, freelancer, startup, and business owner as an entrepreneurial crew member to keep cruising and diving for entrepreneurial  fishing in the creative economy. The internet is never stopping evolving and being globally inclusive of anyone like you, as long as you have the following aspects to take the opportunities to head on. Nothing will touch and stop you.   

So, as we get deeper into the year, it helps to focus on the entrepreneurial elements that empower your entrepreneurial spirit in brand building. The brand-building mindset is taking the creative economy by storm. It is no longer about starting a business but creating and building a brand. Are you choosing to remain behind with a limiting mindset of doing a nameless business? Your progressive mind in entrepreneurship will take you higher and fit in with the rest of the world. Here is how you can get into the entrepreneurial cruise ship.

Global Mindset

Before diving into the entrepreneurial elements, think big and differently for your brand. If you still think of closing yourself in a box of your nation. You will miss the global cruise in entrepreneurship that the internet has afforded you to exploit and utilize to your advantage through tech startup pioneers like Google, Amazon, Apple, Alibaba, Microsoft, and Facebook. Though still at the experimental and developmental stage, the AI industry seems to threaten to take over the digital marketing industry. And leveling up your digital marketing to be more human in your content creation and data entrance for appropriate prompts and optimizing your brand presence and positioning in the market is the best way to keep your brand on the first or second pages when googled. Here are the elements to consider that will lead you and be part of the Google world.

Vision & Mission

Most successful entrepreneurs are visionary and radical in their business and brand-building. They are good brands created to save and serve their clients at the most human level. They want a better world for themselves and everyone and will make sure they provide what they see as the best solution for everyone concerned. That is how their mission becomes a mantra that everyone can sing and influence people to think differently. You can look back at most tech giants that started with a vision and translated it into a mission of what they wanted to do and what they ended up doing. So, what is your mission? And how best can you translate it into a mission as an entrepreneur, solopreneur, freelancer, startup, and creator?

Your vision is the big picture of what you want to do. And the mission is the meaning and context of what you want to do and how you are to do it. Once you are clear with this big picture, nothing and no one can stop you in your brand-building process and journey. It becomes like a walk-through in the park of your business industry and the niche market. You become the master of your destiny through your brand. And your brand will represent your human-centric values, beliefs, and principles in your business operations, execution, and procedures.

Purpose & Value

Your purpose in life will promote and increase your value in business and life. It therefore, starts with your mindset toward entrepreneurship in the present digital economy, where creativity and innovation should be contextual and human-centered. That way, realizing your why and what, like Google as a search engine, has come to realize content is not just about content creation but analyzing the why, what, and how. Is your content people-centered, what is it promoting, and how are you creating it? To be of purpose and value-driven character in business can be a challenge. Especially; if you lack imagination and creativity. Defining and clarifying your purpose and value proposition in entrepreneurial business can be complex in the creative economy. But it is not impossible. 

Here is the thing; the traditional industrial economy was not entrepreneurial, purpose, and value-driven to embody a human-centric context in the business venture. It was always money and profits first before providing value to satisfy and fulfill the business purpose in the market. The way we do business has changed and will keep on changing. If your initiative is not purpose and value-driven, disruption will most kill your dreams. A clear purpose-driven and value proposition statement is what makes your brand's positioning in the market unshakeable and indestructible in the market.

So, your purpose and value statement should be clear and aligned with your vision and mission statement. Be simple, save, and serve the people. A purpose-driven and value-focused brand does not compete like what we are witnessing with pioneer tech giants doing at the expense of their prospects who end up confused about what to do online as creators, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small business owners. So, do not compete. Focus on your brand purpose and value statement and make your customers happy with your products or services.

Dreams & Creativity

Dreams and creativity promote pushing boundaries toward fulfilling your purpose and value in business. Your vision defines your purpose. And your creativity brings value to the market to fulfill your vision and mission. If you do not have a purpose-centered dream, you cannot create anything of value. Entrepreneurial business ideas come from our dreams and aspirations to think and create better solutions for the world that translates into purpose. Creativity comes from our dreams and imagination of what the world could be. That translates into value provision in the market. That is how most tech entrepreneurs started. Their dream has always been to create a better world for the benefit of everyone concerned.

 That entrepreneurial mindset alone will level your effort in your brand-building process and journey. Dreaming of a better world through creativity and innovation is not always based on disruption or a competitive spirit, like with Open AI, the Chatbot GPT AI app. I even wonder what their Value Proposition statement involves and how different it is from Google's Value Proposition that highlights that; users will get a free seamless search engine that helps them find an answer to anything and reach many potential customers with your marketing message at a relatively low price.

Creativity is not competitive or cutting corners to send out your name in the digital world without strategizing. It does not work that way. Creativity and the use of data go hand in hand, especially when it comes to marketing strategies like social media marketing. You must bring your creative energy into content creation on text ads, posts, and blog articles. Be a marketable brand through creativity and innovation, not a competitive and disruptive brand that devalues services in the market industry.

Do you know how most trolls like chaos in the tech industry? They always celebrate disruptive AI apps that they hardly use themselves. All they celebrate is that at least Google, as a search engine pioneer, has a competitor or any other tech company. They are rivals and have a high market share. Whether the rivalry will benefit them or not. That is none of their business.

Such disruptive tech excitement is due to the competitive egos for flashing and flooding heavy investments to feed and support unresearched AI apps with a competitive spirit of wanting to control market shares, especially in the growing artificial intelligence tech industry. Unfortunately, most now rely on copying models, pasting ideas, and unnecessary plagiarism in content creation and search prompts. That way, reducing the value of the most legitimate search engine solutions the world needs.

Discipline & Focus

Being disciplined and focused in any industry and niche is what and how best you can meet the needs of your target market and remain human in the market. It could be both business execution and financial discipline and focus on your business goals. Exercising discipline in all areas of your business will make you keep focused on the vision and mission of your venture. In the crowded marketplace, many ideas can capture your attention and see as if your competitors are easing their way to success in their ventures.

 Discipline will make you grounded and focused on your creative ideas and brand-building strategies. It is a noisy market because there are so many brands to compete against for attention. Leveling up marketing strategies to capture your audience's attention demands discipline and focus steeped in best practices, not the chaos seen with AI chatbots. You must discipline yourself enough for the patient to establish what works and have guidelines for channeling your efforts for focus and consistency.

Passion & Drive

Passion and drive are ingredients for making it in the creative economy. Creating something of value requires you to be passionate and have the drive to make it practical to pursue value creation in the market. Passion drives initiative and creativity in solving problems in the market. That way; opens opportunities for creating a brand that can be a solution in the world.

Though most people partially believe in following your passion, it is the hallmark of sustainability and survival in a saturated market. Passion and drive are not all about making billions of dollars without feeling fulfilled and excited about what you contribute to the world. So, follow your passion, and never feel you are doing work, but being of service to your audience. Choose what interests you and find yourself swimming like a heroic dolphin due to adequate enhancement of your skills and talent to your brand building.

Passion is the expression and execution of something you can do for many hours without getting tired and bored. Something you can even do and enjoy doing even without getting paid for doing it. Something you love and enjoy and make time fly by without you feeling any pressure, but pleasure and total absorption. Jeff Bezos has always said. “Do what you love, and you will never have to work.’ This a powerful reminder, especially when you are vying to build an entrepreneurial brand that you are proud of and want to enjoy in the whole process and the journey.


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