Debunking Branding Misconceptions for Clean Brand Building in 2023:


Misconceptions of Branding in the Market:

A quote that sounds misleading is, “Successful brands of the future care about people, not branding.’’ Yet branding is a way of showing that you care and your business cares about people. So, you cannot separate branding and caring about people as a brand. Branding makes them understand that you care by creating people-centric content based on your purpose and value in the market. In whatever form you do, whether it is visual elements like logo, color palette, packaging, or text-based content. People-centered or consumer-centric content marketing is powerful enough to encompass the needs and solutions customers seek in their daily life in the industry and niche you serve.

And blog marketing strategy through blogging as a tool enables exploring and expounding those issues common in your industry. That is the best way you express deep care and concern about your clients and colleagues. Here are the five ways you can understand branding as a process and expression of caring about people. A brand that will remain in the doldrums of poor articulation of its purpose, value, product/service, position, and authority in the market is bound to be a loser in 2023.

Brand Purpose

Branding allows articulation of your brand purpose in the market. And articulating your brand purpose to the target audience is the starting point in raising awareness of your brand on the market. That means you care about people to be aware of why and what you are doing in transparency with the business world. That shows you are confident and clear with what your prospects need. And what they can gain from doing business with you and the best way to show you care about people. It shows you want to ensure you don’t waste people’s time by interacting with you in the darkness of why they should do so if it won’t help them in any way in their lives and businesses. So, your purpose, well-articulated, is a profound way of showing you care about your clients.

Brand Value

Branding boosts brand value perception in the market. If you are clear and confident about your brand value in the market, you will be confident in sharing it with your prospects through the best branding strategies to make it clear to your target audience. So, you can only clarify that value through any branding strategy or tool suitable for raising awareness. There are many branding strategies, but blogging about your value in the market allows more room for transparency and comprehension of your value market. Being transparent with your value in the market through branding is the best strategy to be transparent and relatable to your clients. It is like taking me as I am and what I am as a brand. It's either you buy from me, or you go somewhere else.

Masquerading in shrouded deals that your clients and prospects do not understand does not show caring for your clients. You must be clear and transparent with how they help them and the value they add to their lives. Brands that are transparent with their brand value in the market and to their clients will survive and thrive in brand building. So, branding is for the people you serve to understand your value and the value they get from you. Your well-articulated brand value will show people that you care and are transparent with what you provide.

Brand Product/Service

Branding helps in articulating your brand for clarity of your product and service in the market. It makes people aware and clear of what you are providing. That is, its look and feel. So, your products need to be well-defined and branded in the market. A well-defined and branded product will guide and help clients and prospects make fast and informed decisions about purchasing or not. Making clients and prospects see the features and benefits by providing comprehensive and digestible information; is a customer-centric move you can achieve through blog marketing by blogging about the product for brand building.

 That way, showing you care about people by guiding them to make fast and informed decisions about your brand product or services. Comprehensive brand product descriptions, whether physical or digital, would help your clients and prospects not to waste time confused about how your product compares with competitors. It will make them understand your passion for helping them through your product. That is caring and putting your clients' concerns before your interests.

That is why you have heard of stories of fake brand copying and pasting other brand product presentations and disguising themselves in their products as big winning brands. So, branding helps your clients and prospects, who are the people you serve, not to be cheated by other competing brands in the same industry or niche. That alone is a caring gesture that maintains honesty and integrity in the market.

Brand Positioning

Branding clarifies your value proposition for solid rand positioning in the market. That is why a football team has identifiable numbers for each player. So, they keep their positions and value in the game, or else the game might confuse the players and those who are watching, which would not be exciting and valuable to the game players and the spectators. The same concept and principle apply to the content marketing game. Branding helps define your brand position for your clients and prospects to follow your brand closely with no blinkers or distractions from other brands. It will help your clients with where to find you on the internet without getting lost on the web. And be clear with marketing channels; they can follow you closely without stress and hustles.

It helps establish boundaries of who you are and how different you are from other brands. That will leave no room to masquerade and cheat people into what you are not as a brand. So, brand positioning as a process of branding; shows how much you care about people. They will be sure of all the parameters of what you can offer. And what you can’t in the market. And how different you are from the crowded market by keeping your position in the marketing game.

Brand Authority

Your authority comes from the expertise that you share in your branding process. People need to be familiar with how special you are in your game in the market. And showing your clients and prospects how brandable your business venture is in the market is a kind and polite gesture of building trust and credibility with them. It shows you care and that you are powerful enough to provide whatever product or services they relate to your branding. That can only come with how you show that your brand has that kind of authority that can be part of them when they connect with your brand.

No person wants to be associated with a half-baked brand that delivers unprofessionally finished products and services. Authority comes from expertise. And that can only be understood and clarified in your branding process through blog marketing and blogging about your experience, exposure, and authority in the market. So, branding is the best strategy for showing that you care about your clients and prospects in the market. Your expertise in the market shows that you can handle your clients with the same expertise and authority you claim in your branding process.

So, that alone puts your clients at peace and ease, knowing they are dealing with a credible brand in the market that cares about them. So, the statement “Successful brands of the future care about people, not branding’’ needs close analysis and review to make it more sensible for future branding in 2023. The future perspective could be, “Successful brands in 2023 are those that care about people-centric branding.’  And not just out-of-context branding that is just copying and pasting other brands’ concepts with no depth in your being of service to your target market, industry, and niche. What are your views on the notion under discussion?


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