The Five Key Elements for Value Creation in Brand Building


Value creation that results in monetization and revenue generation for your brand does not come easy. Money does not grow on trees. It is an exchange of value you provided. Therefore, it needs creativity and tenacity. The internet creators created it for business, but it does not produce money. It demands the creation of value to provide solutions to internet visitors. That can be on your website, blog, online store, membership site, or Affiliate Marketing.

Tech tools and applications like the AI chatbots do not create money, but you can use them as mediums for making money. You need to be creative with ideas you can transform into value online. Tech applications are tools and channels, just like a hoe, plow, or mining machinery you can use to dig the ground to reach out for the value from the ground. They are means for creating value in the market. Here are the five key elements in brand building to create value in the market.


Let's get real here. Take it from me; the internet creators created it for business. And it is a channel for exploring and expressing your purpose. Jack Ma; always highlighted this in his inspirational speeches, that those who learn to use the internet properly will find it purposeful in contributing to the world and making it a better place to live, learn, work, and do business on the global market. So, the bottom line is to find your purpose on the Internet, as designed for business and communication. And express it to the global digital world with that whole purpose translated into an opportunity or opportunities like creating your tool, application, platform, product, or service. You can define your purpose through whatever opportunity or gap you see in the market around you or online. Your business purpose is a strong foundation for solid brand building.

The purpose is the reason your startup company and business were founded and created.   Generally, the sole purpose of entrepreneurship is to accelerate economic growth for individuals, their nations, and now globally to contribute to making the world a better place to live, learn, work, and do business. The purpose of any business enterprise is usually long term, and not just focus on the material and economic side of its executions; but also the emotional and spiritual development of its customers, stakeholders, and investors. A bold business purpose well spelled will shape the branding strategies, marketing tools, and media messages to enhance its brand identity in your brand-building process.


Passion is a driving force in achieving big dreams and contributing to the world. Most entrepreneurs have realized that following your passion can lead to self-employment instead of unemployment which has become terrifying with constant threats from economic meltdowns and AI tech innovations in technology. Passion is the driving force that enables you to dream of possibilities of turning your passion into a business idea with some drive to see it working as a solution, like a product or service that will be in demand from your target audience, especially at a global scale.

 Starting with a strong passion for your business venture means you have a strong belief in yourself and your business ideas and have some conviction that it must work. And never throw in the towel under whatever obstacles and challenges. Passion fuels your efforts in pursuing your dreams to fulfill your ambition. It drives you to express your view of the business world in your industry and niche and desire to serve with a deep love of what you do and who you serve for solid brand building. 

Like Steve Jobs wanted an iPhone with one button on the front, Mark Zuckerberg wanted university students from his college to socially connect from their dormitories; and Jeff Bezos had a vision for a store that sold anything online. And The Joyful Copywriter has that deep passion and drive to create content that inspires brands to appreciate blog marketing and use the blog for marketing their products and services through Google display ads. When you are passion driven, you see gaps where most people can’t see or understand the opportunity gap until you have developed and built it into a solid brand.


That is the most necessary ingredient for the successful execution of dreams and goals in business for turning every plan into action. Productivity points out how all your business activities convert into output that boosts brand building for revenue realization. However, these days it is no longer the scientific way like in the industrial times, where being productive was limited to measuring ratios of inputs and outputs.

Productivity in the creative economy now caters to various facets of your business with help from AI tech tools and applications like automation. And a human-centric approach of putting user experience at the forefront of productivity has come to mean working smart. And have a work-life balance that maximizes creativity and productivity without traumatizing anyone for monetization. In your brand-building process and journey, productivity can be both your business and personal productivity. With business productivity, you can try to make all your business operations and activities as seamless as possible by integrating and automating all repetitive actions, and not necessarily need a human labor force.

As long as they are done efficiently without compromising the expected human touch your customers always expect. Like, each time I read an automated text that does not reflect much of the brand identity I am familiar with and identify with, I sometimes feel like asking who is behind this nameless brand that seems to have not yet mastered the customer or human-centric approach in marketing in the present-day world. Remember, marketing strategies with a human touch count a lot to aggregate productivity in your business or company. There is no productivity in any business without effective brand marketing. So, high productivity helps to boost the morale of your company. That creates a culture of excellence for solid brand building and sustainability of your business. That way, increasing the value of your brand in the market.


Fast and corny deals don’t build brands. Brand building demands patience and focuses on the big picture of your brand. One becomes impatient when one thinks small. Big dreams need patience, discipline, and focus. To be successful, you need to practice patience. Becoming an overnight success sensation is every entrepreneur’s dream. But the truth and reality are that growing a successful business requires time and patience. And patience is a virtue that a few have. That is why the world has only a few successful entrepreneurs. Though these days, through reading inspirational blogs like this, many are motivated to dare to be patient and become winners. Patience establishes discipline through understanding that it takes time to build a solid business brand.

Patience builds a strong foundation for solid brand building. It makes you get focused for effective strategizing. It limits getting involved in other distractive and disruptive business lines that might promise instant gratifications, like the AI chatbot apps that have flooded the AI tech industry. Patience, especially in the tech industry, is a prerequisite that new tech enthusiasts seem to overlook.

 Unlike the pioneer tech giants who took their time in researching before designing, creating, and publishing. Especially in the AI tech industry, where things are getting hot with the AI tech tools of large language models showing a lot of promise in generating text content and summarizing text. The point is; all these tech startup projects in any industry need patience. It helps you avoid making a rush and hasty decisions. And that builds a good reputation, brand image, and identity for solid brand building.


With resilience, discipline, and focus comes persistence and achievement, and fulfillment of goals. Being persistent breeds victory and success in life and business. Brands are not a mixture of this and that. Neither do they rely on shaky dealings that come and go in the market. They are persistent in pursuing one big picture of a solid brand that can fulfill your goals and dreams in business. Persistence is one of the most necessary ingredients for becoming unstoppable in your brand building.

The thing is to remain steadfast and focused on the solution you are creating as a solution for the world. The feel of it all makes you unshakeable despite any challenges or obstacles as long as you understand where you want to take your brand and how to level it up to greater heights of being of service as a creator. The sky is the limit with persistence and focus.

There is a time when you might feel whether it works or doesn't. The thing is to continue showing up and working with the conviction of seeking to make it work until it works before showing it to the whole world. Take your time, and remain persistent. Your multi-million-dollar idea can never be reachable without persistence and discipline. Professional success needs both a creative and professional approach. Most creator entrepreneurial business founders are losing the professional approach fast due to the hyper in the tech industry; they end up with confused customers, investors, and stakeholders.

Persistence means you can always make technical changes that benefit your brand for long-term human consumption, not the chewing gum style of the short-term instant gratification business model. Short-term instant gratification business models never build brands sustainable for longevity and solid brand building. Be persistent and focus on long-term value creation in the market. And the sky will be the limit for monetization and revenue realization.


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