Five Brand Assets That Boost Revenue Generation for Solid Brand Building

An interesting reflection on our On Brand Building Calendar, we realized we are on track with our up-to-date inspirational calendar in brand building. June has been a month for exploiting your knowledge and information for high-value creation. July was for exploring your experiences and exposure for confidence. If you didn’t cultivate that mindset in your execution, don’t worry, it is not always a one-size-fits-all and a-cook-cutter business. Creativity and innovation here and there make your brand-building journey adventurous and exciting. Now here you are in August, which is always an exciting time to reflect on how far you have come since the beginning of the year.

Reflection on Your Brand Building Assets

August should reflect all the strategies you have put together and how they work together to bring your brand-building effort into perspective. See what is working, where you need to put more effort, and how best you use your already designed branding elements to enhance your brand assets for solid brand building. Cultivate that spirit of relentless execution of your plans to fulfill your purpose and value in the market before the end of the year.

So, in that frame of mind, it is always inspiring and empowering to reflect on the effect of your branding and brand assets and try to see where you might need more attention as the year is fast ending. However, from our brand-building experience, we realized branding and brand assets are always confusing for brand marketing in Digital Marketing. So, let’s jump in and try to clarify them and how they can help to boost your brand marketing strategies for solid brand building.  

Why Defining Branding and Brand Assets

Branding and brand assets boost brand identity, perception and awareness to attract consumers for value appreciation and revenue generation to multiply your income. However, these should not be confused with traditional company assets like capital, business vehicles, rental properties, investments, and stocks. In the creative digital economy, assets have since meant everything you do to establish your brand identity and build brand awareness.

Anything that clarifies your purpose and value to your brand and boosts revenue generation in the market. However, there should be no confusion and mixing between branding and brand assets for some entrepreneurs and marketers. Here is how to clarify their definition and implications in brand marketing for brand building.

Branding Assets

From the continuous verb of the brand itself, you should have the sense that these are the visual elements you use in your branding process to establish the tangible presence of your brand identity and awareness in the market. That means these should be immediately relatable and recognized by your customer and clients. These are a combination of several tangible elements that integrate to create a unique identity for your brand in the market. They are the first touchpoints for brand recognition and connection with the target customers and users.

 Branding assets make it easy to identify a business in a physical and tangible sense. These are brand elements like the brand name, logo, tagline, color palettes, typeface, packaging, illustration, brand voice and tone, brand guidelines, and all the design elements. They are the design and marketing elements for tangible recognition and identity in the market. So, how are they different from brand assets? Let’s dig in and explore.


Brand Assets

Unlike branding assets, brand assets are more purpose and value touchpoints that should reflect your core values, strengths, offers, and influence in the market for trust and credibility to build up and boost revenue generation and income. So, brand assets help create a deeper understanding of your brand and its potential for high-value creation for income generation through product and service offers. Here are the five items that boost your value in the market for solid brand building and establishing a strong brand identity in your industry and niche.


Traditional mindset businesses can get bankrupt and vanish from the market. However, in the digital economy, brand building mindset means 24/7 eternity brand presence, awareness, authority, influence, and connection in the market. Are you still questioning the value of a business website and blog marketing for brand building? You are missing great opportunities for positioning your business in the global digital economy. It is the central axis of your digital business operations and processes. It is the connection point for streamlining your integrated systems.

A website with a blog is a home sweet home for building your brand with no limitations for connectivity and connection to your target customers and the wider world. It also enables spaces for integrating and streamlining your business operations and processes, like automated marketing newsletters, tips, tools, and programs. Here is the juicy part, there is no brand positioning, presence, authority, influence, longevity and sustainability, and success in the market without a website with a blog in the digital market. And it's time you appreciate it as an asset of high value in brand marketing for solid brand building.


Content creates the rhythm and pulse of your brand on your business website. It clarifies your purpose and value in the market. Your content can be in different formats, like text, video, infographics, whitepapers, or vlogs for behind the scene presentations and business trips. The bottom line is to align it with your brand marketing objectives and business goals. You agree that knowledge and information are the new crude oil in the digital economy. Right? The content and data are the new refined oil in digital marketing that boosts conversions for revenue generation and income realization from your brand marketing efforts.

Content boosts brand vitality for connectivity with your target audience. It is the mouthpiece that can easily make people start a conversation about your brand and its offers. Though some marketers and entrepreneurs believe in ‘Word of Mouth marketing, content has the text and verbal power to promote brand noise that can leave a permanent mark and presence of your brand in the market. Content marketing has already shuttered Traditional door-to-door and word-of-mouth marketing.

 Content marketing is massive through blog marketing. Once created, curated, and managed becomes an asset for generations. It can never die like any traditional business. As it is on brand, it stays with your brand. And it is based on the purpose and value of your business in the market. That makes it an asset of value that continues to boost your brand presence and influence for solid brand building.

Tech Apps/Tools

The first question you should ask is, do these appreciate or depreciate? That is an excellent question that most entrepreneurs never think of due to the excitement that always comes with constant disruptions from new apps and tools in the market. The principle is to learn to be more selective and do more with less. Minimalism is the key to avoiding distractions and exposure to unnecessary experiences of irrelevance in the execution of already planned goals for fulfilling the vision and mission of your business.

 In the present outrage of the AI tech gold rush, you must make sure you are not in the act of rush decisions in amassing AI tech apps and tools that do not add value in executing your business operations and processes. Remember, technology does not build brands. It is relevant innovation and application that boosts value creation and brand value in the market. AI Tech apps and tools can only become assets when utilized relevantly with a human-centric mindset that provides value and benefit to the target audience.

The bottom line is, do not get carried away by shiny apps and tools that promise mana from heaven without providing value. To realize value, choose apps and tools you understand and can manipulate yourself without technical assistance for maximum benefit to your business. Be like Elon Musk, who always has the technical knowledge of most of his projects before diving deep into execution and production.


These are the mining shafts for brand building. That needs digging deep in the gold mine to extract the value that generates revenue for cash flow and income. That is where the marketing game should manifest the number game. A business can only become a brand with products and services to market and sell as brands. Products or services make your business website, content, tech apps, tools, and programs economically active for revenue generation. They are tangible assets that generate value for income and profit realization. They direct your brand marketing activities and goals.

That reminds me of those money-making schemes that always highlight and emphasize; “No products to market and sell and services to promote.” That always leaves me wondering, honestly, how the hell do they provide value and make money if they are not marketing and selling anything? Is that not a red flag? That is a red flag of throwing myself in a scam with zero sense of responsibility in value creation for brand building, but the money-making shouts out scams that have left most desperate people confused about what is the best way to generate income online.

The bare truth is the only genuine way is to create value and provide value that can turn your products and services into assets of value. Products or services make your business website worth browsing and surfing for value and benefit to your target customers and clients. That makes products and services brand assets. 


That is the new refined oil from processed crude oil of knowledge and information. That drives decision-making and directs execution in any modern online business. Any internet business is information and data-driven. We are now living in the knowledge and information-based economy. And data is the new gold. And data mining is knowing how to access, evaluate, analyze, and apply it for decision-making and making informed choices. And how to transform it into value for boosting revenue.

However, with the internet flooded with information and data-collecting tools and apps, informed choices are the name of the game. That ensures careful handling, transferring, and storage of data of value and relevance for the safety and security of your data management systems. That helps to keep it as an asset with no harmful viruses like malware, hacking, and other data linkage threats and attacks commonly reported on cyberspaces. Your business should have some sense of how precious information and data are and their value as an asset that boosts the execution of business operations and processes for maintaining efficiency, reliability, and reputation in the market.

 Whether it is your company profile, details of your employees, business reports, and feedback with statistics. Information and data need reliable storage and security for confidentiality and easy retrieval when needed. Ensure careful handling through automation wherever possible. Best of all stored under lock and key in your appropriate data storage systems for safety and security as an asset for solid brand building.


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