How To Change the Narrative of Making Money Online in The Digital Economy

September is a turning point with seasons changing and activities in entrepreneurial businesses changing to boost revenue generation and solidify your brand building in the market. It is also a time to reflect in preparation for 2024. So, let’s reflect on this trendy millionaire mindset that compromises authenticity and integrity in Digital Marketing. How to Be a Millionaire thread is like a hot Hip Hop lyric on social media. That is from the traditional business mindset. However, how to create value for generating wealth is a brand-building mindset that suits the present-day digital economy.

So, where do you stand as an entrepreneur in the digital economy? Are you ready to explore this conversation for a total transformation in the narrative? Transforming how you think and do things in the digital economy landscape will make your brand-building journey and process exciting to establish yourself and your business venture as a brand. Here is the thing. People talk about how to make money but never say anything about creating value. Maybe the conversation and narrative should be about How to create value for wealth generation. That is value creation for creating wealth. Are you striving to make money or create wealth?

Why Shifting the Narrative?

The How to Make Money Online thread does not promote creativity, innovation, simplicity, minimalism for authenticity, and integrity in the digital market. It instills the traditional business sense of making money fast. A brand mindset creates strategies and income streams for generating wealth that will boost sustainability and longevity in brand building. Money is materialistic riches like the Dubai lifestyle with billionaires’ flashing sports cars, like toys. That is the flashy Lamborghini lifestyle of having more liabilities than assets that create wealth. Wealth is durable assets, perhaps like the Old Money way where family legacy and privacy with no public display of their assets is highly regarded and esteemed.

That is a priority for generational family values to be maintained and passed on without outside influences.  In Content Marketing, the How to Get Rich thread is like a popular hip-hop song on social media. It is a common topic in content creation that makes millennials, Gen Z, and Y believe in overnight success through distractive shiny objects and desire to go viral on any social media platform that upholds such mindsets in their manipulative algorithms. It is like believing that content creation in whatever form, even with little to no value and benefit to the user, is the utopia of the present digital economy. But is that valid?

Nope! Be a brand, not just a business, and create branding strategies of value and benefit for your audience and users. That big picture will automatically change your mind in digital marketing. And you stop thinking about How to make money online and start thinking about How to create marketing strategies that will help boost creating value for your target audience for generating wealth in their daily efforts to make it in the world. Brands start with a strong business idea that you can develop into a brand and make yourself a brand by creating value and benefits for brand building guided by your values in the digital economy. 

Why Value Creation Conversation?

Value creation in entrepreneurship embodies all the human-centric values of being creative, innovative, simple, minimalistic, and authentic with integrity online and offline. The narrative should not always be about how to make money fast but how to create value for your target audience and users. So, stop the viral overnight success sensation mindset and adopt the following aspects that will help you create and develop yourself as a brand out of your business venture.

The narrative here is a long-term approach and exploring new paths for constant and consistent transformation in positioning and building your brand in the market. If social media marketing was always about your followers, that was a missing dimension in digital marketing. Digital marketing through social media should not be about amassing followers. It is about providing massive value that enables your users to transform themselves and their business ventures for sustainable brand building. Social media marketing is manipulative and a one-sided relationship through the influencer mentality that comes with it.

Brand building through blog marketing is holistic and a good rounder and win-win strategy. You think about both parties concerned and how they will benefit from what you do and offer in the market. And this is how the whole game of changing the narrative starts with yourself for a total transformation in your outlook on yourself, your beliefs, and your values in the market. So, let’s jump in and embark on the transformative journey.

Be Yourself

Social Media has eaten into most of our lives and how we live, learn, work, and do business. The world is changing, and the business landscape is fast and forever evolving with emerging technologies and Machine Learning. If you don’t hold on to who you are, what you are, and what you do, you might lose grip on what you believe in life and business. You might lose the power to craft your way and path to contribute to your industry and niche market in a meaningful and fulfilling way without being distracted by sales messages about How to make money fast online. Being yourself is a strong foundation for personal branding and having the power to create a business that you can develop into a brand.

Though Social Media Marketing is one of the most used digital marketing strategies in the world of likes, follows, and blue ticks of read and replies, social media platforms have compromised the human essence in brand marketing and building. That is being authentically yourself and sharing your value and values in the market. You will have the power to create and own your space for impact and influence as a creator and entrepreneur in the market with limited influence from social media.

Being yourself is far from wanting to suit trendy stuff online. But cracking up to your true self in a valuable and authentic way that makes you, you. That is, without mutilating and coating yourself with cosmetics. And you lose your true identity and what you stand for in the market and the world. Which I believe contrasts the purpose of branding and marketing yourself as a brand. You should present your true identity as a brand. That is your authentic identity. That can give you the power to believe in yourself and what you contribute to the world. Let’s jump in and explore believing in yourself.

Believe in Yourself

In a business landscape where everyone wants to make money and be a millionaire online, believing in your authentic self can be challenged. The whole social media landscape has turned the marketing industry into idolatry of massive followers as a marketing strategy. That has left most creators and entrepreneurs doubting their capabilities to make it in the digital market. The marketing game has become centralized on Influencer Marketing with idealistic looks and extravagant lifestyles rather than value creation guided by personal values, even in social media posts. That can help millennials, Gen Z and Y, believe in themselves and their being of value and not much of their looks and millionaire status.

Though Influencer Marketing is slowly losing the battle against more authentic and professional strategies like blog marketing, its psychological impact on young people is a bone of contention in marketing and brand building. Gone are the days when beautiful and handsome faces and bodies reflect your value, success, achievement, and fulfillment in advertising campaigns. These days, people are searching for substance and significance in the world. Being significant and substantial is about providing value that others can rely on to boost their efforts in entrepreneurship and life.

If you believe in yourself, you are self-driven by the desire to provide nothing but the best of yourself in the market. You will never feel like changing the course of your brand-building journey and being drawn and drowned by shiny objects but remain true to yourself as a brand of value, authenticity, and integrity in the market. You will focus on choosing legitimate digital marketing channels, tools, and strategies like personal branding, self-promotion, social media marketing, and search engine marketing. And all these are achievable through blogging based on the purpose and value of your business.

Better still, choose to use blog marketing platforms like The Joyful Copywriter to make your search engine marketing a walk in the path, as long as you make your advertising campaigns valuable and human-centric. The sky is the limit with the creative and innovative power to resist the ‘How to make money online calls and adopt the How to create value online. The substance and significance of your marketing messages and campaign images will boost your brand-building efforts. The next question is, how can you take your transformative steps to value creation? Let’s jump in and explore.

Define Your Purpose

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The multi-million-dollar threshold has left most creators and entrepreneurs looking for something rather than a million-dollar breakthrough. They have found themselves yearning for something more meaningful and for more meaning in their lives. Purpose shapes your identity, dreams, and goals in entrepreneurship. Sustainability in brand building and success online and offline depends much on a well-defined purpose.

Here, we talk about the deep meaning of purpose in business that you should understand as a long-term aim or principle based on the big picture of your business venture. And the impact you want to cause and have in your industry and the world. Purpose is the underlying motivation and a driving force to shape your brand-building strategies and aim to build a sustainable and successful business. With a strong and clear purpose, no one can sway you on social media to think otherwise about what you aim to fulfill. That way, you won’t give in to scams and campaigns for overnight success.

Just as you have always thought of your vision and mission statement, in the digital creative economy, the vision and mission statement are getting wrapped up in the purpose, and the value statement for the purpose has become the focal point in personal and business branding. With a clear purpose, you develop the power to survive traumatic situations and escape the drug-like dopamine of too much exposure to social media platforms that have left most people feeling inadequate and of lesser value in their lives outside the limelight and glamour they watch and see on social media platforms like YouTube.

 However, with a clear purpose on any social media platform, you can resist distractions from your vision and mission. A clear purpose is motivational and intentional, steering determination and resilience. You won’t feel discouraged and distracted from pursuing your goals. It gives you a definite aim and direction in what to achieve and why. That will energize and direct all your brand-building efforts in the market. And that will also make you realize your value guided by your values in the market. Let’s then jump and explore the clarity of your brand value in the market and values in marketing.

Clarify Your Value and Values 

clarify value and values, brand building, joyfulcopywriters

Therefore, understanding your value would help identify what you need to change and where you need to change for a total transformation mindset about entrepreneurship and brand building. Furthermore, knowing your value and sticking to your values would help in making wise choices and avoid sinking into the mud of inferiority complexities and imposter syndrome on social media platforms where everyone preaches the million-dollar lifestyle and cruises that are of less value in conveying realistic social media marketing messages.

Understanding your value and values will sustain you in being yourself and being the best of yourself. It empowers you to know how to add value to your target market and the values that guide you to do it with a human-centric sense of your customers and users. Having a deep sense of your worth and values will help to avoid getting drawn and drowned in other people’s opinions about how fast you should make money and how you can do it fast through online services that have nothing of value and tangible to market to your customers.

It will empower you to use your common sense to anyone’s ideas and philosophies to modify and suit your business goals and strategies that add value and bring flavor and adventure to your brand-building journey. That will make you consider your worth when hired for any job and project. That way, increasing your net worth gives you confidence in executing assignments and projects with a sophisticated and abundance mindset, not a malnourished and scarcity mindset due to desperation to have the job done and jump to the next one for more money.

The more you understand your value and values, the more you take only jobs that interest you and are specially to charge reasonably and relevantly more. You cease to be a Jack of all trades and rolling stone in your industry and niche. You develop a hunch in leveraging your skillset without being swayed by urgent calls for making money online. The sense of your value and values will guide you in crafting genuine strategies of not just making money but building a brand that creates wealth. With that in mind, let’s see how this can be possible as a creator and entrepreneur in the creative digital economy. 

Create Value

Creating value should be your new Hip Hop song chorus on your entrepreneurial lyrics. Creating value amplifies your own personal and brand value in the digital market. If you know your value as a creator and entrepreneur, startup, freelancer, and business owner, no one can manipulate you into doing anything outside your conscious value. Anything that does not maintain, raise, or realize your value in a business venture, industry, or niche market. Value creation is the first step in building a brand that has the power to generate revenue for wealth creation.

 Remember, it should not be about How to make money online but how to create value for generating wealth. That sounds better and more mature, long-term, purpose-driven, strategic, and focused. Value creation will promote your understanding and shift from believing in making money fast online to the brand-building mindset of creating value with a long-term strategic plan through relevant and legit digital marketing tools and strategies like blog marketing enhanced by professional social media platforms like LinkedIn for B2B Marketing.

Here, you must remember that value is not fluffy sensational posts that amass and garner attention within seconds with no traces of value and benefit to the target user or customer. It is a slow but stable, consistent, and sustainable accumulation of attention and awareness of your brand and its impact and influence in the market. The value is not the number game but the benefit, substance, and significance it brings to your customers and users. People are tired of fluff that makes them feel the FOMO in the marketing messages.

The FOMO messages and posts are crafted to create some sense of urgency and need, leaving out the value and benefit realization in the marketing strategies. That is not the best strategy in digital marketing, where value creation and provision come first, especially in content creation, before making money through algorithms. Therefore, focus on value creation. And shift the mindset from How to make money online to How to create value online for sustainable brand building in the digital economy.    


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